HR Guides

HR Guide Volume I:

The trucking industry understands that they are only as good as their people. As a result, the Canadian Trucking Human Resources Council has developed practical resources for those who are responsible for recruiting and retaining employees, to ensure they find the best and the brightest for the industry.

The Guide To Human Resources: Volume 1 focuses on recruitment strategies to attract, evaluate, select and hire qualified drivers. The guide offers retention strategies to keep experienced and qualified drivers around for a longer period of time. Additionally, this volume outlines how managing turnover can result in the difference between a profit and loss.

Within each guide, a CD “toolbox” is included, which is packed full of checklists and sample HR forms that can be customized for use by any fleet. Practical application of the lessons is provided through case studies on “Acme Trucking”.

Your Guide to Human Resources Volume II — Immigrants and Temporary Foreign Workers

Statistics Canada projects that in as little as five years, immigrants will account for the entire net growth in Canada’s labour pool. Trucking HR Canada has the essential resources to help attract those valuable workers.

This volume includes helpful information pertaining to recruitment, cultural awareness, orientation and integration of internationally-trained individuals for a variety of occupations in the trucking industry A CD with tools and templates for customization is also included.

Your Guide to Human Resources: Volume III

This volume offers practical advice about important HR practices including : how to build a business case for sound HR practices, how to manage different generations of people within the same fleet, how to address succession planning, and how to identify the HR implications of “greening” a fleet. Includes modules 8-10.